42 – Fashion Interview: Wild Wawa

Wild Wawa Interview

Fashion Interview: Wild Wawa

A mother and daughter team up their talents to create Wild Wawa: a beautiful, highly creative brand for infants and toddlers. Co-founder Micaela Arietta shares her company's story with Kids à la Mode

Please tell us the history of Wild Wawa… what was the inspiration for the brand?

Wild Wawa was born out of a desire to put our creative juices to work. My mother and I started dreaming up the vision of the company shortly after my daughter Valentina was born in February 2015. First baby of the family! We formally launched our first collection the following year in April 2016. I was living in Sao Paulo, Brazil with my husband due to his job assignment, and my mother was living in neighboring Peru. In one of her visits, during those long, seemingly never ending days of early motherhood, we were inspired by this little muse of ours and decided to follow our dream and start a children’s clothing label of our own.

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